As a cyclist you need to take your safety and the safety of others seriously.

Take advantage of the new lighting technologies like, led bicycle lights, bicycle strobe lights and bicycle turn signal lights.  There are also bicycle lights for night riding that are designed to keep you safe.  Nobody is going to see you if you are not lit up (pay special attention to bicycle rear lights)..

Things to consider when shopping for the best bicycle lights for your bicycle:

  1. Brightness.  Bicycle led lights are rated by lumens; one lumen equals the brightness of one candle light. 600 lumens is equivalent to roughly 10 watts.  The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.
  2. Range.  Choose a light that is visible at a minimum of 150 Metres.
  3. Charging.  Many lights now offer usb charging while others still rely on batteries.  Another great option is dynamo lighting powered by a generator.
  4. Lighting modes.  Some bicycle lights offer lighting choices like low beam, high beam, strobe, especially for bicycle tail lights.
  5. Lens type.  There are standard lenses and wide angle lenses/ diffuser lenses (spreads your light horizontally so that the light is more direct)
  6. Charging power.  Lights powered by battery will keep working as long as the battery lasts.  Lights charged by usb will last 2.5 to 4 hours.  Dynamo lights will run forever as the power is derived from a magnetic generator that receives power from the motion of your bicycle.