Most of us lived on our bicycles as children and the passion to ride never really left us.

I remember my 2nd bicycle the most.  It was a red Wheelie bike with high handle bars, a banana seat, frills hanging down from the handle bars, a high back support with a flag and playing cards in the spokes.  I took that bicycle everywhere, and yes I thought I was really cool, then I grew up.

I graduated to a 10 speed bike with reflective tape, an am/fm radio, and a horn that emitted 10 different sounds.  I’d ride around trying to impress girls with bicycle stunts, and the right tunes on my bicycle stereo.  Poor girls.

Now I look at what’s available like a bicycle stereo system, Bluetooth devices, smart wristbands, bicycle speakers and bicycle cameras.  Wow, that’s all Ii have to say.

The first bicycle can be traced back to 1817 was called Laufmaschine (German for running machine).

Fast-forward and imagine being born in 1817 and waking up one day to find that the running machine could now be equipped with the best bicycle gps, a bicycle gps tracker, a, bicycle stereo system,  bicycle cameras, bicycle speakers, or a smart wristband.